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Over 50 Merchant Factoring Options for Your Business

When you walk into a bank, with high hopes of getting a business loan or small business loan to expand your operations (or to keep your operations afloat) - leaving empty handed is always a setback. Business factoring and Business Cash Advances are the number one alternative to having to deal with business loans at all. Let`s go over some of the benefits of our renown Merchant Factoring Program:

  • Easy to Renew: You can receive your second advance/funds anywhere between 1 and 2 months after your first advance from us. No application is necessary for our merchant factoring and/or credit card factoring renewal.
  • Sky High Approval Rate: We lead the industry in approval rates due to our minimal requirements. This explains why we are the World`s leading Merchant Loan Service providers in credit card factoring.
  • Fast Cash: Get working capital immediately with merchant factoring... without having to use a traditional business loan, and without a credit check - merchant factoring. Merchant Factoring for your business will be wired to you in 2 business days, unless you ask for our expediting service (in this case your funds are wired within 24 hours).

Factoring Can Improve Every Business`s Chance of Success

Our merchant factoring programs give your business fast cash when you it the most. Whether you need the fast capital to keep things steady with your business, or need the working capital to expand your business; Business Factoring is an integral part of your chance of succeeding, instead of typical business loans for working capital.

How Would Factoring Services Help Expand My Business?
  • Factoring Companies allow the purchase of additional inventory
  • Factoring Companies give you the ability to Add / business locations
  • Factoring Companies help raise the value of your services
  • Factoring Companies increase and/or diversify your marketing strategies by getting you the cash you need immediately.

How is the Business Factoring Process different from a typical business financing?

First of all, trying to get a typical business loan for your business these days can definitely be tough. In fact, 92% of all business owners who apply for business loans go homes empty handed. Only 1% of businesses actually qualify for venture capital. Factoring is a BETTER option for business owners, because it comes with more flexibility. Taking out a business loan takes 3 to 4 weeks to receive your money, while the paperwork and risk alone makes it a simple no-brainer.

Regular interest-bearing monthly payments from business loans put a restriction on your working capital for cash flow. Worrying about the security of your business always comes with the territory of taking out a business loan. Merchant Factoring options have MUCH higher approval rates, immediate processing, and best of all... NONE of our factoring options RELY ON YOUR CREDIT. As long as you've been in business for 2 months or more, your business is eligible for one of our merchant factoring programs in 24 hours or less.

We also have same day funding on our Merchant Cash Advance Programs: Submit your same day approval Merchant Cash Advance.

Comparing Business Loans and Merchant Factoring

Merchant Factoring gives your business an opportunity to receive $500,000 in 3 days or less. Most businesses get their factoring cash within 2 to 3 days. Keep in mind, with any of our merchant factoring options, there is NO interest rate.

Typical Business loans involve a lengthy application process, with an approval rate in 2011 of less than 10 percent. Most merchants have turned to business factoring, merchant cash advances, and unsecured business loans.

Why Business Factoring Instead of a typical Business Loan?

Both small business loan and regular business loan approval today is extremely difficult, with only 8% of business owners actually being approved for business loans in 2010 and 2011. You must also keep in mind the amount of time it takes to acquire the cash from business loans. After a 7 to 10 day approval turn around time, business loans also take anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks to actually release your funds. Our business factoring funds are wired to your within 2 business days of applying.

Businesses Using Our Factoring Services

We pride ourselves as being the business factoring industry`s leader. The merchant factoring application is only one page, and it requires only basic information regarding your business in which you are obtaining a factoring option for.

90% of other business factoring service providers require a business plan / proposal... since we place no restrictions on how you use your factoring cash, this is not necessary.

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Program Benefits

  • Over 50 Merchant Factoring Programs
  • We Offer Same Day Cash on ALL Business Factoring Programs
  • No Credit Check Merchant Factoring: Receivables Factoring, Invoice Factoring, Spot Factoring, Credit Card Factoring
  • We Provide FAST Business Factoring for ALL Businesses, Small or Large
  • We Hold a 100% Invoice Factoring & Merchant Factoring Approval Rate
  • We GUARANTEE the LOWEST Business Factoring Rates in the Country.
  • Merchant Factoring of up to $500,000 Per Week
  • Our No Credit Business Factoring Allows Same Day Cash Working Capital For Businesses
  • 0% Interest Credit Card Factoring PLUS 24/7 Merchant Cash Advance Services
  • We Are The LARGEST Business Cash Advance & Merchant Factoring Providers
  • We are the Largest Business Factoring & Creative Business Financing in the US